Learn 4 tricks for beginners in graphic design

Maybe you wish to finally become a graphic designer, or you have a need for improving your visual communication. Either way, this magical tips will be very inspiring to you.

Paste the contrasting fonts

Which fonts do look good next to each other, and which ones you should never mix together? Connecting fonts is one of the most common problems that beginners in the graphic design are facing. The simple solution is to choose high-contrast fonts. post3aThus, the fonts will balance each other, and in doing so, they will for sure play an important role in your design.

The contrast between the two types of typography can be controlled by increasing and decreasing letters in the title relative to the rest of the text, or by using bright colors that will complement the background image.

Align the colors in your design

Creating color harmony is one of the most effective ways to highlight your design. First of all, it is necessary to reconcile the colors you use for graphic elements (such as fonts or text media) with a background image.

Find the color from the image using the search tool and color identifier, which will immediately show you the value (hex-code) of the color – that is, the six characters on the basis of which the correct color is identified in the color circle. Hex codes are an important and compulsory lesson for beginners in graphic design. They are something you will use to create all the color palettes in your design.

Use “grid” for your images

Grids are like an invisible glue that maintains the design. post3bIf you are doing anything for print or for digital media, you need to know this technique. The most prominent purpose of this is to establish guidelines for placing elements in the plan, that is, in the model. A good network not only gives rhythm to your design, but it also defines dimensions. This makes the content more accessible and helps viewers to find the next piece of information in the design.

The network sets expectations and defines rules, colors and – in some cases – the “tone” of design itself. That’s why it’s always good to create a network, or grid, with which you can easily make a break for all resolutions. With it, you will easily show the client what their site will look like on big resolutions, tablets, and mobile phones. When you create a good grid, you will be able to use it for most of the projects you work on.

Add transparent icons

When you begin to learn how to create wallpapers using various software and tools, the most exciting and beautiful part of your work will begin. This is where your creativity has the most space. Whether you use a picture as a background, a series of colored shapes, or irregular shapes – there are countless ways – relax and experiment. If you have full-color images, consider using transparent icons.