Tips and tricks you shouldn’t work without

Every professional always tries to learn more and advance himself in his field of interest. Graphic designers are no different from other professionals. But graphic design is a complicated field to strive to be excellent in, because of all the innovations and changes that are always happening. It is easy to lose focus and to forget what are the basis of every excellent work. Which is why we bring you some advice you may be looking for.

It doesn’t matter if you are a client, a great firm that is looking for its perfect design match or a professional designer. As a client, you should know the basics so you can determine if the work that was done for you or your firm is good enough. Same goes for people in this field.post1a With these tips, we will help you get closer to your goal, so be ready because here are four tips you shouldn’t miss:

Illustrate information with shapes and icons

You would be surprised at how everything can be achieved with the help of shapes and icons. From creating informative info charts to unique text carriers, using form is another important lesson that will help you to think beyond the scope of the data and make the original design. If you need to present some figures in percentages, consider illustrating with the circles that represent these percentages. Introduce people icons and a variety of other forms to help you display more complicated and seemingly boring statistics more easily and clearly.

Solve the problem of color in photos

An important part of the graphic design process is to edit images so that they look as good as possible. One way to do this is to increase or decrease the saturation of the image. Saturation refers to the color intensity in the image. When the colors are fully saturated – they look vibrant and bright. post1bBy increasing the saturation of the color, it will look richer, and by reducing saturation, you will find that the colors look flushed and slightly foggy.

Select images in which there are places for text messages

This space refers to the blank areas in the image, which are mainly used for the title, brand name or slogan. When looking for a background image, look for those that have enough space that can be covered by the text without compromising the image impression.

Choose consistent elements

When it comes to using and matching colors, fonts, logos, and images, consistency is one of the important things that graphic designers have to master. Only when all the elements are consistent and consistently implemented in every design it is possible to build a visually recognizable brand style. And this is an important element of brand communication with consumers. If you are creative and want to turn your creativity and talent into a profitable profession, then you are on a right track of becoming a great graphic designer.