We respond with ease to all of your professional needs.

Web Hosting

We are a team that constantly grows and brings new ideas and insights into our work.


We monitor all achievements and easily apply them to our business.


All of our employees worked and perfected their knowledge in high-quality companies.

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What can we offer you?

Logo design

Logo design

We can help your company to be side by side with Nike, McDonald’s, and others. Be the name that is instantly associated with its logo, and services. Distinguish yourself in your field from others in a best possible way.

Web design

Web design

Make your site and platforms more suitable for your business, targeted costumers, and consumers. Step into the future with us and redesign your webpage or make a completely new one.

Web hosting

Web hosting

We can provide a service that will keep your website safe, fast, structural, and ready to welcome all the consumers and various content you could ever have. Quality is guaranteed! It’s sometimes hard to find the best web hosting providers for Australia, but good for us then that we were briefly on this awesome best web hosting comparison for Australia.

You can’t go wrong with our great hosting services.

Bitcoin Friendly

Bitcoin Friendly

We are now accepting cryptocurrency as payment for our services, being one of the first to do so. Aside from Bitcoin, we also accept Ethereum and Ripple. If you’re interested in crypto and are wondering how to buy cryptocurrency in Australia, there are a lot of options and exchanges available. To get started quickly, have a look at this guide on how to buy Bitcoin in Australia, it’s very easy and safe.

Why Choose Us

Our company exists over seven years in this business. We are distinguished not only by our expertise and professionalism but also by the numerous awards we have won for our design of sites and numerous logos. Our teams are highly professional and ready to respond to all of your needs.

Our Achievements

Web Hosting

We are hosting more than 500 sites that are never crashing. All because of our 24-hour maintenance team. We are very dedicated to the work we do and we strive to be excellent in it.


Our teams, and our work got overtime numerous rewards for their work, and some of them are D&AD Professional Awards, Apple design, Spotify commerce and CSS Design. Here at yodabaz.com, we are very proud of all of them.


We have a great base of clients to be proud of. Not only for the number of clients but also the successful and long-lasting relationship that we have with them and which we continue to maintain every day.


We are one of the initiators of numerous conferences related to web design and related topics, both locally and globally.

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